Advantages of Choosing All Risk Car Insurance This Years

Advantages of Choosing All Risk Car Insurance This Years. When viewed in terms of premiums, TLO car insurance is indeed cheaper than all-risk car insurance. 

This is because the benefits of all-risk car insurance coverage are more complete. In addition, there are many other advantages that you can get by choosing all-risk insurance, such as:

1. Benefits of complete policy coverage

All risk car insurance covers any kind of damage due to accidental things. Starting from minor damage such as berets, dents, peeling paint, bumper damage, to complete damage or the car cannot be used at all again. 

2. The cost of repairing the car in the repair shop is borne

Unlike TLO which provides compensation for total damage only, all-risk car insurance will reimburse repair costs in the repair shop for partial damage as well. 

So, don't worry if you want to make repairs to minor damage, such as car abrasions due to motorcycle grazing, or dents due to hitting the pavement, because the cost will be covered by the insurance company.

3. Premium proportional to the cost of coverage

Remember, car insurance serves as a financial solution if your beloved vehicle is damaged. 

Don't let it be just because you are tempted by cheap premium prices, but the policy cannot bear the cost of repairs in the workshop. 

Finally, the customer must return to using personal funds for repair costs. Therefore, you should choose all-risk car insurance. 

Although the premium is more expensive, the policy covers the cost of repairs at the repair shop for any kind of damage to your beloved vehicle.

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