How to Claim All Risk Car Insurance, You Must Know It

How to Claim All Risk Car Insurance, You Must Know It. A claim in car insurance is an effort made by the insurance policyholder to get a certain amount of compensation for risks such as an accident or theft of a car insured by the insured to the insurer or insurance company.

Knowing how to claim all-risk car insurance at the beginning is very important so as not to bother when it is really needed. Here are the steps to submit an all risk car insurance claim.

Partial Loss Claim

The following is the procedure for submitting a partial loss claim for all risk insurance:

Photo of damaged parts. The first thing we need to do when filing a claim is to document the damaged parts of the vehicle. 

The reason is, this documentation will definitely be requested by the insurance company to prove your claim.

Report to the insurance provider. Immediately notify the insurer that you will file a claim, either by phone or email.

Prepare the necessary documents. The insurer will provide information about what documents are needed to submit a claim, such as an Identity Card (KTP), Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK), Driver's License (SIM), and others.

Came to the partner workshop. After that, tell the repair shop that you want to repair the vehicle with insurance.

Fill out the claim form. The workshop will provide a form that needs to be filled out, according to the data in the document.

Partial Loss Claim Document

Chronology of events report

Photocopies of policies, certificates, and reports or endorsements

The driver's driver's license (SIM) at the time of the incident, vehicle number certificate (STNK), and identity card (KTP) of the insured person

Photo of the damage and estimated cost of repair

Local Police Report Letter

Third Party Letters of Demand (if the loss involves a third party)

Other relevant documents related to the filing of a claim

Total or Lost Loss Claims

The following is the procedure for filing a claim for losses above 75 percent or lost due to theft:

Report to the insurer. Immediately report any losses that have befallen you, be it total losses or losses due to criminal acts. The sooner you report the better.

Prepare documents. Prepare the requested documents, such as ID cards, driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, letters of loss (if the loss is caused by criminal acts), and vehicle keys.

Creating a Minutes of Inquest (BAP) at the police station. Go to the local police station to make a BAP. Remember, the creation of the Inspection Minutes is a maximum of 24 hours from the time of the incident.

Blocking stnk at polda. You must also apply for stnk blocking to the Regional Police (Polda). This step is important in filing a claim for loss due to theft.

Take care of the certificate at the Directorate of Research and Investigation. You also need to take care of the mail at the Directorate of Police Investigations. The letter is needed to complete the documents you have prepared beforehand. 

When making this letter, you will be asked for several supporting documents, such as a copy of your ID card, a copy of your BPKB, a copy of the vehicle purchase invoice, a copy of the loss report, a copy of the insurance policy, BAP, and the original letter of the Progress Report (Lapju).

File all files with the insurer. If all the documents are complete, immediately apply to the insurance company.

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