What are The Advantages of Having All-risk Car Insurance?

What are The Advantages of Having All-risk Car Insurance?.What are the advantages of having all-risk car insurance?

There are a number of advantages that you can get if you have all-risk car insurance, including:

Protects the car from the risk of damage or loss

Cost of coverage for servicing or indemnification

Release from third-party legal liability caused by an accident

Cars become safer because of the cost of coverage whose value will continue to increase

What are the benefits of ACA All Risk Car Insurance?

Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained if you have ACA All Risk Car Insurance:

Maximum protection

Widespread network of workshops

Free crane service

Facilities such as replacement cars

Emergency repair services

6-month repair warranty

What all-risk car insurance is covered or covered?

All risk means 'all risk', which means that this policy guarantees light, heavy, and loss damage. The following are the benefits covered by all risk car insurance based on the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKBI) report.

All risk car insurance provides compensation or repair costs in the event of a risk of damage caused by:

Collisions, bumps, slips and mired

Evil deeds and theft followed by violence or threats

Fire caused by burning of other objects adjacent to where the vehicle is stored

Fires caused by lightning strikes

Damage due to water used to extinguish fires

Destruction of vehicles by order of the authorities in an effort to prevent fires

Vehicles aboard an accident

What are the exceptions in all risk car insurance?

The exceptions in all-risk car insurance are as follows:

Vehicle accidents involving underage drivers
Vehicle damage is not covered if used to:
Giving driving lessons
Join a race, campaign, or rally
Used as a transport in acts of embezzlement, deception, and hypnosis
Loss of vehicle as a result of crimes committed by one's own family or relatives
Carrying loads that exceed capacity
Damage from chemicals or other liquid objects in the vehicle
The vehicle is driven by a person who does not have a valid driver's license (SIM)
The vehicle was driven by a person who was under the influence of liquor and drugs
Drivers violating traffic signs

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