How to Claim All Risk Insurance, You Must Read It?

How to Claim All Risk Insurance, You Must Read It?. How to claim all risk insurance. How to claim all risk car insurance is actually easy to do. 

There are three stages that must be done to submit a claim, namely reporting the incident, taking the actions that need to be done, and preparing the documents needed to submit a claim.

For complete information on how to claim, please check on the Claims tab.

How to calculate all risk car insurance premiums?

To find out the simulation of calculating all-risk car insurance premiums, please check on the Premium tab.

What is the best way to get vehicle insurance?

There are several things that must be considered when choosing a vehicle insurance product, namely:

Additional facilities can be a consideration. For example, vehicle insurance that has the benefits of pick up and delivery service, towing car facilities, ambulances, emergency roadside assistance, and so on.

Make sure the selected financial institution has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as a provider of vehicle insurance products.

How long does it take to process an all risk insurance claim?

If the documents have been approved, usually the disbursement of claim funds will take 14 working days. 

However, for how long the car insurance is lost, usually the approval will take 3 months because it is waiting for invesigation from the police which can take 60 days. Choose a product with a premium fee that matches the benefits obtained.

Know the details of vehicle insurance benefits.

Choose a vehicle insurance product that is easy to apply, for example through online submissions without surveys.

What is the age limit for all risk insurance vehicles?

The minimum age limit for vehicles to be registered for all-risk insurance is 10 years for cars and 2 years for motorcycles.

How much does an all risk car insurance claim cost?

OJK has set a lower limit and upper limit of tariffs for all-risk car insurance claims, which is IDR 300 thousand for each incident.

What is the premium rate for all risk car insurance?

The premium rate of all-risk insurance is more expensive than TLO insurance. This is because the risks covered by all risks are more when compared to TLO insurance.

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